My name is Nikita. I'm an editor who helps people get their Wikipedia articles right.


WHy Work With Me?


My editing strategies are individualized for each client. I know the rules. I know the community. I know how to strengthen your public image through Wikipedia.


I have thousands of hours of experience working successfully with clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds to draft, research, and implement edits.


The editing process includes a comprehensive consultation to broaden your understanding of Wikipedia and help you choose the scope of edits best for you.


Services & Pricing

General editing involves most Wikipedia edits. These range from simple factual updates to comprehensive overhauls. Depending on the scope, general edits can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months to complete.

Expedited editing involves general Wikipedia edits that need to be completed on an accelerated timeline.

Page audits provide you with an in-depth look into visitor statistics, potential areas of improvement, and threats to the stability of your current Wikipedia article.

  • General editing: $150-200 per hour

  • Expedited editing: $250-350 per hour

  • Page audits: $300 per article



Making things better has always been a source of motivation for me. In college, I worked as a writing consultant, helping students revise their essays, internship applications, or anything else they needed guidance on. That’s when I first discovered how rewarding it feels to provide feedback that strengthens someone else’s work.

I started my professional career as a content editor. My task was to edit articles hastily written by ESL freelancers to bring their work up to a high school readability level. Despite the painstaking nature of the job, I knew I was strengthening the writing in front of me, and that drove me to keep doing it.

At my first job as a Wikipedia strategist, I worked alongside one of the most experienced paid editors. As I learned and studied the platform, I collaborated with him to innovate the strategies we used by building computer programs to make our work more efficient. My streamlining efforts got me promoted to manager of the Wikipedia team. I worked to improve the organization of our department and trained salespeople on effective prospecting methods to increase revenue.

Keen to continue innovating the way PR professionals work with Wikipedia, I decided to start my own venture. Working with the Wikipedia community can be contentious and confusing. That’s why I enjoy consulting people on the details of the platform and work with them to achieve results on one of the most visited websites in the world.




If you prefer to get in touch via email:

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